This is what your over-50s are going to do

Andy Sivell, publishing director, Working Titles Publishing

  • Bruce Settle asks Ken Burgess to concentrate on what the over-50s are going to do, rather than what they’ve done. (Look forward, not back, page 25, 22 June). Okay Bruce, try this: 
  • They’re going to continue being the fastest growing audience on the internet;  They’re going to account for between a half and two-thirds of all private new car sales; 
  • They’re going to buy more CD albums than any other age group; 
  • They’re going to play an increasingly important role in the care of their grandchildren (note to Bruce, grandchildren need feeding and entertaining, too); 
  • And they’re going to grow in number by nearly 43% across the next four decades.

In short, Bruce, before long they’re going to have you harking back to the good old days when the ad industry obsessed over the buying habits of a dwindling number of cash-strapped timepoor trendy young things.