Over-50s safe sex campaign raids fashion archives

Health charity FPA has turned to fashion adverts from the sixties and seventies to encourage middle-aged people to practice safer sex.

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The campaign uses the line ‘Remember wearing this?’ with regards to the now outmoded fashion of the period, adding ‘Then remember to wear this’ with reference to the image of a packaged condom.

In response to dramatically increasing sexually transmitted infection rates in older people, the posters have been designed to make men and women of the baby boomer generation, who are having sex with new partners, more aware of using protection.

The four posters were created by the ethical agency Tea and will be shown during the FPA annual Sexual Health Week themed ‘The Middle age-Spread’ (STIs in the over 50s) from the 13 -19 September across the UK.

The posters will also be rolled out in pharmacies and general practices which choose to use them.