Oxfam aims to raise awareness of effect of British gun trade

Oxfam is targeting policy makers with a new poster campaign that aims to raise awareness of the effects of British gun running.

The poster features an altered version of the Union Jack, which is emblazoned with four rifles and is positioned underneath the strapline: "Guns kill a population twice the size of Leicester every year."

This is juxtaposed with an image of a resident of Leicester with a bullet hole superimposed on his or her forehead.

The posters will target Patricia Hewitt, the secretary of state for trade and industry and will be placed throughout Leicester, which is Hewitt's constituency. The campaign will run before an expected announcement by the Department of Trade and Industry concerning a consultation period on secondary legislation of the Export Control Act.

The Oxfam campaigner Roger Elbourne said: "We are hoping Patricia Hewitt MP sees these posters when she returns to her Leicester West constituency, and takes note of what they say. As secretary of state for trade and industry, she is responsible for controlling the export of arms."

The campaign was written and art directed by Simon Haynes and Corinne Welch from the Oxfam Creative Service unit.