Oxfam reveals damaging effects of climate change in London mural

Piece is on display in Shoreditch.

Oxfam: mural shows different people affected by climate change
Oxfam: mural shows different people affected by climate change

Oxfam has unveiled a grafitti-style mural that depicts some of the damage caused by climate change, inspired by the recent strikes around the world. 

The first panel shows farmer Mako from northern Ethiopia and her baby Amaal. Her entire herd of cattle has succumbed to drought and the lack of rainfall means she must now walk for two hours to collect water, resulting in a struggle to feed her family.

The next panel shows two women, Lipi and Zeyda, who are up to their chests in floodwater. Their village in Bangladesh regularly floods, but they can't afford to move to a safer area. 

The third panel features Shaud, whose home in Zimbabwe was badly damaged by Cyclone Idai earlier this year. Floods washed away most of her family's belongings and destroyed her entire crop, the family's only source of income.

Finally, the last panel reveals a stark message: "The world’s poorest people are being pushed further into poverty and hunger by a climate emergency they did not cause. It’s not too late if we act now." 

Oxfam is aiming to encourage passers-by to learn more on its website and social media channels by searching for #WhoTakesTheHeat.

Sarah Watson, Oxfam’s climate campaign manager, said: "We wanted to use this fantastic opportunity to confront people with the stark reality of the climate emergency. This not just a crisis of the future – real people are already going hungry, losing their homes and being pushed deeper into poverty.

"We wanted to combine these hard facts with a call to action, inspired by the young people who have taken to the streets in the UK and around the world to join them in demanding urgent action."

The mural is on display for the next three weeks on the Great Eastern Art Wall in London's Shoreditch.