A view from Be On

P&G's 'leftover women' viral crosses boundaries with empowering, global message

Social video expert Be On reviews 'Marriage Market Takeover' - the latest campaign from Procter & Gamble skincare brand SK-II.

Featuring deeply personal interviews, the video's raw approach generates an authentic and emotional response from viewers.

In a society where unmarried women over a certain age can find themselves judged by their communities, friends, and even family, P&G skincare brand SK-II decided to break with tradition and celebrate independent women in China with its latest campaign.

Launched globally in multiple markets by Forsman & Bodenfors, with AOL’s Be On platform as a syndication partner, the ‘Marriage Market Takeover’ video shines a light on China’s ‘Sheng Nu’ – a term used to label unmarried women over the age of 25, which translates to ‘leftover women’.

The spot captures the intense pressure placed upon women growing up within this culture, providing an insight into a life full of expectation for them to appease their parents by marrying early. Featuring deeply personal interviews between women and their parents, the video’s raw approach generates an authentic and emotional response from viewers, as participants reveal the many ways in which this day-to-day pressure has an impact on their lives.

Aimed primarily at China, the US and APAC markets, SK-II tells a story that crosses regional boundaries, aiming to inspire women of all cultures to take control of their lives.

Made by creative ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the #ChangeDestiny campaign demonstrates P&G’s wider commitment to empowering women through its global brands. Its Always 'Like a girl' campaign, for example, sent shockwaves around the world when it highlighted the multiple negative representations of women with which girls are faced in today’s society. The Pampers’ 'One Pack = One Vaccine' campaign, meanwhile, has helped fund a Unicef project eradicating maternal neonatal tetanus from 17 African and Asian countries, making a real difference since its launch back in 2006.

An example of a truly global campaign, tapping into multiple markets through one unified message, we believe ‘Marriage Market Takeover’ will inspire viewers and gain international attention.