Paddy Power goads MPs with 'you're getting sacked in the morning' mega-poster

Paddy Power wheeled out a giant truck to Westminster yesterday, with a giant message reminding MPs they might be about to get fired from parliament.

Paddy Power: delivering a 'cheeky reminder' to MPs
Paddy Power: delivering a 'cheeky reminder' to MPs

Armed with a 16m articulated lorry, Paddy Power said it wanted to send a "cheeky reminder" to the nation's elected MPs as the polls opened for the general election.

The bookie is promoting the odds that Danny Alexander, Esther McVey and Douglas Alexander will lose their seats. It predicts that 75 MPs will lose their job and is offering odds of 16/1 if it matches the 1997 "bloodbath" when 160 MPs were "evicted" following Blair’s victory.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power chanted: "Sacked in the morning, you’re getting sacked in the morning, sacked in the mooorning, you’re getting sacked in the morning."  

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