Page and Gray join forces to start NWD marketing services

Alan Page, the former creative director of the defunct agency Yellowhammer, and David Gray, the former head of the London outpost of Armando Testa, have joined forces to launch a new marketing services group called NWD.

The company has made its first three acquisitions with the brand strategy agency & Summ, the corporate communications company Twenty First Century Communications and the experiential marketing specialist Jump.

Clients of the three companies include Vodafone, Marks & Spencer, Center Parcs, Nestle, Nivea, Sainsbury's and Hilton.

"We are thrilled that these three very well-run and exciting businesses have agreed to form the first part of NWD," Page said. "We are talking to numerous other companies who want to join up rather than just sell-up and we expect the concept to grow quickly."

NWD has also launched what it claims is its key differentiating factor from other agency groups in a central advisory panel called The Brain.

The panel, which includes Toby Constantine, the new vice-president of global marketing and research at Metro International, Andrew Stracey, the founder of the agency Payne Stracey which was bought by TBWA, and David Jones, the former head of Europe for the now defunct D'Arcy network, is designed to help operating companies within the group build their business.