Panasonic uses Google search queries for anti-DSLR campaign

Panasonic has launched a website and a series of videos promoting its mirrorless Lumix cameras, which incorporates some of the most popular search terms for DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras.

The "why DSLR?" campaign starts today (27 January) and will direct people to the website, which hosts a series of "video tests" to pitch DSLRs against comparable Lumix models.

The videos open with text being typed into a search bar, revealing a common query searched on Google around DSLR cameras. The rest of the video goes on to "test out" the question, demonstrating the Lumix’s apparently superior qualities.

The films feature a bodybuilder, an owl and a duel-style shoot-out between two cameras.

The website also curates snippets of articles from bloggers and forums around the web, focusing on the disadvantages of DSLR cameras.

Articles on the site include: "ditching the DSLR for mirrorless"; "which DSLR will be the first to fail?" and "what’s wrong with DSLR cameras?"

Panasonic’s social media agency, We Are Social, devised and created the campaign, which uses paid search and search engine optimisation techniques.

Paid search will direct people to the website when typing in phrases including the top auto-complete search queries for DSLRs on Google, such as "are DSLRs dying?" and "are DSLRs worth it?"

We Are Social will also monitor social conversations about DSLR cameras online on forums or social media and answer questions about DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

On social media the campaign will be promoted through the hashtag #WhyDSLR to drive conversation.

Sarah Oliver, an account director at We Are Social, said: "Whichever stage of the purchase journey people are at – researching DSLRs on forums or searching to buy a DSLR on Google, this campaign will surface considerable and credible expert opinion with the power to change their decision."

The campaign will also target gadget forums and blogs to intercept online discussions around DSLRs in a bid to encourage people to consider mirrorless cameras before they decide what to buy.

Barnaby Sykes, a product manager for Lumix G at Panasonic, said: "We’re taking a proactive approach with this campaign, seeking out people online who are considering buying a DSLR and presenting them with a convincing argument that the future is mirrorless."


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