Paper Round (1 June) - a look at the day's newspapers

Israel's attack on the Gaza aid flotilla dominates the front pages of the quality press today, as the UN announces an emergency session about Sunday's incident.

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The Guardian leads with ‘Israel accused of state terrorism', while The Times headlines ‘Death on high seas' and the Daily Mirror writes of  ‘Massacre in the med'.

The Sun
reports '19 killed' in the attack and The Independent writes ‘Israel's gunboat diplomacy provokes global outrage'.

The Daily Telegraph reports ‘Calls to isolate Israel after aid convoy killings' and leads on its ‘public sector rich list', as the salaries of 170 civil servants are revealed.

More grizzly details of the ‘crossbow cannibal' emerge in The Sun and the Daily Star.

The Daily Express leads on prison drug-rehabilitation programmes, claiming a ‘£44m scandal' is afoot, while also trying to establish a link between Princess Diana's death and landmines.

Meanwhile, promotions and front cover ads are thin on the ground today, with The Guardian pushing its comment section, where all six Labour leadership candidates outline why they are right for the job.

Dogs Trust advertises with The Daily Telegraph, asking readers for donations, while The Daily star continues its free sandwich at a Shell garage offer. The Daily Mirror continues its Topps England sticker giveaway.

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