Paper Round (21 June) - Government finances and Wimbledon occupy front pages

Today's newspapers speculate over the contents of tomorrow's 'emergency' budget as Wimbledon guides replace the World Cup giveaways.

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The Guardian follows up on last week's spending cuts ahead of tomorrow's budget, predicting chancellor George Osborne will face a backlash.

The Times reports strike laws could be introduced to curb any unrest over the budget cuts while The Independent asks whether the proposed cuts will lead to mass unemployment.

The Daily Mail accuses Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne, who has admitted to an affair with his former press officer, of hypocrisy. The Daily Telegraph headlines ‘millions in the public sector to pay more for pensions' and expats are accused of a £46m incapacity benefit claims scandal by the Daily Express.

The Sun tells football fans to "keep calm and carry on", claiming England could still win the World Cup.

The Times and The Daily Mail include a free Wimbledon guide.

Sandals advertises with The Guardian and Birkbeck University advertises its open evening with The Independent.

Sartoriani advertises suits on the front page of The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Star offers a VW camper van in a competition and the Daily Express is giving away a driving lesson to every reader.

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