Paper Round (22 June) - a look at the day's newspapers

Today's papers disagree on how the new Government's first budget will affect Britain and pick up on the England football team manager criticising player John Terry.

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The Guardian headlines "budget to take 850,000 out of income tax" claiming the changes will hit the richest hardest. The Times warns of the "hardest budget" and reports deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has had to smooth relations with his Lib Dem MPs.

The Daily Mail predicts a £1m tax boost for the low-paid. The Independent highlights the benefits of the public sector ahead of predicted funding and job cuts. The Daily Express claims middle-income earners will receive a tax cut.

Several papers, including The Sun and the Daily Mirror, reveal Jon Venables, one of the men who killed toddler James Bulger as a child, now faces child porn allegations.

England football boss Capello criticises player John Terry’s decision to talk to the press about unrest within the team, reports the majority of today’s press, while the Daily Star declares "England united" over smiling pictures of players.

Prince Harry is pictured with a landmine charity in Africa, mirroring work done by his mother Princess Diana, on the cover of The Times.

The Daily Mail leads on the "holy grail" of vaccines which is claimed could cure hayfever and other allergies while The Daily Telegraph reveals 40,000 deaths every year are caused by a junk food diet.

The Daily Mirror continues its £5 off at Lidl offer and the Daily Mail highlights its £1m football game. Readers of the Daily Star can still get hold of a free sandwich at their local Shell garage.