Paper Round (23 June) - a look at the day's newspapers

The full impact of the Conservative government's emergency budget is chewed over by today's press, while England prepares itself for its most important World Cup game so far.

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The effect on welfare payments and VAT increases are at the heart of budget analysis, with The Guardian declaring "pain now, more pain later". The Times refers to the budget as the "the axe-and-tax pact".

The Daily Mirror combines the two major stories of the day and headlines "blood, sweat and tears" over images of England manager Fabio Capello, player Wayne Rooney and chancellor George Osborne.

The Sun backs Osborne’s budget, calling it a "recovery masterplan". The Daily Express concludes "scroungers get a kicking". The Independent asks if the budget is fair and The Daily Telegraph calls Osborne "the enforcer".

The Daily Star is optimistic, promising "England can do it… honest".

The Guardian highlights two essential pullouts, the first is budget analysis while the second is a World Cup guide.

The Daily Mirror offers a free £2 bet at William Hill and £5 off at Lidl continues. The Sun ties up with Ladbrokes for a £1 free bet. The Daily Star offers freebies for the match including a pint of Carling, chicken snacks, and a £5 bet with Blue Square.

Watch brand Breitling is hoping to reach those high spenders whose spirits aren't dampened by advertising with The Daily Telegraph.