Paper Round (24 June) - a look at the day's newspapers

England's World Cup victory over Slovenia puts Umbro on the covers of all the national newspapers while political news remains at the top of the agenda.

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US President Obama has sacked his Afghan war commander, highlight The Guardian, The Sun and The Independent.

The Sun prepares readers for England's next match against Germany. The Daily Mirror declares player Jermain Defoe a hero after his goal in yesterday's match. The Daily Express headlines "land of hope and glory", picturing cheering football fans and The Daily Star reports "job done".

Pregnant women could be made to take a breath test to prove they are not smoking, headlines the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph reports employees may be forced to remain working until their seventies.

The Daily Express reports on the EU decision to stop any country from banning the traditional Muslim burkha.

DFS advertises on the cover of The Guardian while the newspaper pushes its availability on mobile and web applications.

The Sun continues its free Mars giveaway and the Daily Mirror and Lidl continue their tie-up for a £5 off voucher.

The Daily Mail includes its Femail magazine and Tiffany & Co advertises with The Daily Telegraph.