Paper Round (24 May) - a look at the day's newspapers

LONDON - The likely impact of chancellor George Osbourne's £6bn cuts to Government spending occupies most of today's front pages, vying for space with Fergie following her cash for access exposure by the News of the World yesterday.

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The Times claims the cuts will affect business aid while The Sun reports the child trust fund will be axed.

The Daily Telegraph predicts cuts will lead to ‘the elimination of thousands of civil service jobs' and The Independent goes with the headline ‘civil service braces itself as axe looms'.

The head of the Army's bomb disposal squad has quit amid potential funding cuts, The Sun also reports.

Elsewhere, The Guardian reveals secret papers that allege Israeli nuclear weapons, while The Daily Express reports on DNA vaults that allegedly hold samples from babies.

After the News of the World's accusation that The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, has tried to leverage payment for introductions to Prince Andrew, The Daily Mail asks ‘now will Andrew throw her out?' while other national papers include a picture lead of the prince's ex-wife.

Avis advertises its hire car door-to-door service with The Daily Telegraph as part of a national campaign and Sandals is back with the sunshine, tempting Guardian readers with luxury holidays.

The Daily Mail guarantees £50,000 for one reader, as part of its on-going cash giveaway, and offers free family days out as the summer finally hits the UK.

The Daily Star offers its readers aged 18 and over a free pint at Rileys sports clubs and The Times includes its Game pull out today.

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