Paper Round (25 June) - Wimbledon's epic game grabs headlines

The three-day Wimbledon tennis match, which goes down in history as the tournament's longest, spashes on today's covers alongside conflict over pensions.

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The Times reports the retirement age could be raised every five years, while The Guardian writes the coalition government is at loggerheads over pension cuts. The Daily Express headlines: "Outrage over work till 70."

The Sun keeps football fans' spirits high ahead of Sunday’s England vs Germany match by revealing England’s penalties record is superior to their rivals.

The Independent investigates horrifying plans to introduce "industrial" farming to Britain in an American-style move that has animal welfare charities up in arms.

The Daily Mail  goes large on "the junk food generation" and reports British children are getting fatter, while The Daily Telegraph is optimistic the UK has become "a nation of savers for the first time in 20 years". Finally, The Daily Mirror simply announces the paper's former editor Piers Morgan’s marriage to Telegraph journalist Celia Walden.

A free digital photo album offer starts in tomorrow’s Daily Mail, while Laura Ashley advertises its summer sale with The Daily Telegraph. And as the World Cup rumbles on, so does budget supermarket chain Lidl’s £5 offer with the Daily Mirror.