Paper Round (26 May) - a look at the day's newspapers

LONDON - The Times supports its new website launch with a strip ad across its cover today while the state opening of parliament makes headlines despite offering few surprises.

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The Times highlights its new site will only be free to readers for a month and also carries a story on the EU coming up with ambitious targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

The Guardian focuses on voting reform while The Daily Telegraph tells us the middle classes will be made to pay in the Government's efforts to reduce the deficit. The Independent looks on as protesters are arrested outside Parliament Square.

The Daily Express headlines ‘fury as cancer drug is banned' while the Daily Mail announces the number of women over 40 giving birth has trebled. The Sun reports a baby has suffered 40% burns after being left uncovered on a beach.

The new ‘Sex and the City' film is reviewed today in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and The Daily Mirror after the premiere last night.

DFS advertises with The Guardian and Mallory advertises jewellery on the cover of The Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Express offers the chance to win a Peugeot Motorhome and The Daily Star pushes its ‘£3 hols' at Pontin's deal.

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