Paper Round (28 May) - a look at the day's newspapers

Today's tabloids focus on the university student charged with killing three women who worked as prostitutes in Yorkshire, while the US oil spill continues to occupy the front pages of the broadsheets.

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The BP oil disaster is branded the worst in US history by The Guardian and The Times, while the Financial Times leads with president Barack Obama ordering a halt to drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Guardian headlines ‘Army chiefs gag critical Iraq report' while The Daily Telegraph writes ‘tax rise to punish prudent savers'. The Independent reports from the Houses of Commons, as the first Green Party MP speaks up for her constituency in Brighton.

Pictures from the 'Sex and The City 2' London premiere make the covers of most of the national papers today, while The Times web promotion continues on its cover and it announces the launch of its iPad edition.

Waitrose ties up with The Daily Telegraph to offer readers a £10 saving in stores tomorrow and in the same paper Laura Ashley advertises reductions of ‘25% off everything'.

Readers can still get their Top Trumps in the Daily Mirror.

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