Paper Round (8 June) - a look at the day's newspapers

With three days to go to the World Cup the national newspapers are stepping up their coverage and promotions, while the new goverment's policy changes continue to occupy a number of front pages.

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The Daily Star offers a free England poster and the chance to win £20,000 in a fantasy football league. A World Cup pull out is included in the Daily Express and there's a free magazine in The Independent.

The Sun devotes a 12-page supplement to its countdown to the tournament and The Daily Mail continues its DVD give-away.

The Guardian reports on Britain's ‘major shift in policy' as the government decides to deport lone children seeking asylum.

The Sun, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express follow up the shocking attack by a fox on two baby girls, focusing on the reaction of the children's mother.

‘Prisoners convert to Islam for jail perks' headlines The Times while The Daily Telegraph reports ‘hospital care will continue when you get home'.

The Daily Star announces that glamour model Jordan will be making an appearance in the Big Brother house when the show launches on Channel 4.

The Times includes a guide to how the government's deficit cuts will affect readers while The Daily Mail includes its ‘good health' supplement and Sandals advertises with The Daily Telegraph.

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