Paper Round (9 June) - a look at the day's newspapers

The papers cover diverse stories today ranging from budget cuts to immigration to medical research with promotions still leaning heavily on the World Cup.

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The Guardian follows up yesterday's lead reporting legal challenges will not delay Iraq deportations, after it was revealed children seeking asylum could also now face deportation.

The Daily Telegraph and The Independent claim benefits and pensions will be targeted by the Government as it plans budget cuts.

The Times reports on accusations that military chiefs were unprepared to face combat in Afghanistan and the Daily Mail leads on research revealing health problems that could face premature babies.

The Sun prints grainy CCTV images of Derrick Bird's car, taken on the day he shot twelve people dead.

The World Cup is almost upon us with The Guardian highlighting its ‘alternative guide to the World Cup' and actor James Corden taking a column as part of The Times' World Cup guide.

The Daily Mail offers a free World Cup wall chart and includes its ‘Money Mail' supplement and The Daily Star covers its front page with World Cup promotions offering free tickes to games and pushing its fantasy football league.

Prudential advertises its retirement financial planning credentials on The Daily Telegraph's front page.

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