Partners BDDH lands launch of brightBlue

Partners BDDH has won the launch of brightBlue, the interactive

television channel from Energis Interactive.

BrightBlue will run on Sky Digital. The channel will offer services such

as games and finance, and will have content from Fox Kids, Two Way TV

and other, as-yet undisclosed, partners.

The interactive television channel is launching with a design that will

aim to be simpler to use than other services offered on Sky Digital. It

will launch with a campaign comprising two television ads and press work

next month.

The agency was awarded the business without a pitch after formulating

consumer and strategic research for the development of brightBlue.

Justin Dewhirst, head of marketing at Energis Interactive, said: "We are

very pleased to be working with the team at BDDH and are confident that

we will launch with a campaign that is innovative and engaging."

Simon Toaldo, managing director of Partners BDDH, added: "With the

advertising industry having developed hand in hand with commercial

television, it's very exciting for us to be working with an organisation

committed to transforming the future role that TV will play in peoples'


Partners BDDH has held the advertising for Energis, brightBlue's parent

company, since 1999.