Rachel Barnes is editor of Marketing
Rachel Barnes is editor of Marketing
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Passion, progress and creativity will shape all our futures

Is passion contagious? We've all worked with someone whose passion lifts our spirits, or been stirred from our conference fug by a charismatic speaker. Passion is the theme of this issue of Marketing. It is fitting that this final print edition explores such a central pillar of what makes this an incredible industry to work in.

Hopefully you’ve heard how we’re joining forces with our sister titles to create a new Campaign, a brand for the whole marketing audience.

It’s fitting that this final print edition’s theme is passion

We could all do with more passion in our lives, but is it easy to spot the real deal? The gesticulating arms? The eyes ablaze with the zeal of conviction? Nope, that’s froth, explains Helen Edwards. Those with real passion are too busy ‘doing’, not standing in front of you telling you they’re passionate about X. "Passion is the fire inside; froth is the hot air of empty exclamations," adds Edwards.

Emotional connections

The marketers shortlisted for The Marketing Society’s Marketing Leader of the Year all show that true passion. One of those is O2’s Nina Bibby, who draws parallels between her passion for running and the focus marketers must place on customers’ lives and emotional connections, rather than products and services.

Only by taking this approach – an emotional rather than solely transactional one – can you really ignite passion in those around you and your customers.

Nonetheless, The Co-op’s Jemima Bird warns that for brands to put themselves in this emotional space, they must respect boundaries. "Like any relationship, love can become stale. It requires effort, a bit of Friday-night seduction, a love note in the lunchbox. Increasingly, brands must fan the flames of passion," she says.

Capturing the passion

As we explore in our ‘fan’ feature, sometimes it is best to simply share the stories from those who are participating – capturing their very real emotion. Our ambition in the new world of Campaign is to capture your passion for brands, creativity, innovation, change and the future of this dynamic marketing industry.

We are more determined than ever to bring you the most respected leaders in our world, plus new voices of those who live and breathe change and are challenging the status quo. We’re coming together as one brand to take an holistic view of our wider marketing world. And the reason? Well, because many of you are doing that, too. 

As the BBC’s Philip Almond explains, creativity ensues when former silos are broken down – one exemplar being the myBBC project; the BBC is currently recording 800m audience actions a day on its sites. "It’s all about getting people from very different cultures – marketing and tech – to talk the same language and create great stuff together. I am sure it is a conversation that’s being replicated in businesses across the world."

It certainly is. And I hope that in the new Campaign we can go some way to reflect the very best of this creative collaboration and play a part in making your passion contagious.

This isn’t goodbye – just see you again, from 9 May.