Patten to launch HHCL digital shop

HHCL & Partners is working with the former BT head of advertising

and multimedia communications, Tim Patten, to set up a new standalone

agency, which will focus on digital communications and direct


Patten left HPT Brand Response, where he was the managing partner, late

last year. He is working with HHCL on a freelance basis to set up the

off-shoot and is looking for staff to run it.

The un-named arm has yet to receive final approval from Chime

Communications, the parent company of HHCL, but the chairman, Lord Bell,

is known to be keen to expand the range of services offered by the

agency. HHCL recently launched Heresy as a standalone agency to run

alongside its existing digital business.

HHCL's chief executive, Robin Azis, refused to comment on the launch of

the new division, but confirmed Patten was working on a freelance task

at the agency. Patten would not be drawn on the details of the


Patten left HPT in November 2000, after co-founding it in 1998, and said

he was seeking a role within digital media after plans to move the

agency's work into the broadband digital area fell through.

He started his career in 1983 at DMB&B as a trainee and then moved to

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and FCO before moving to BT. Patten ran the

company's advertising roster before moving to become the head of

multimedia, which involved the development of interactive TV trials and

working on BT's plans for Open, the interactive Sky Digital service in

which it had a stake.