THE PEOPLE’S JURY: Creme Eggs hit seasonal high

BT and Cadbury do battle as this month’s favourite ad. Harriet Green reports.

BT and Cadbury do battle as this month’s favourite ad. Harriet

Green reports.

We’ve scarcely got over the gluttony of Christmas and already the

People’s Jury is preparing for the chocolate madness of Easter.

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs tops this month’s ads table with an old favourite

given a new twist for 1997.

GGT’s work, starring George Dawes, the anarchic scoremaster of the BBC 2

quiz show, Shooting Stars, is Cadbury’s first new work for its Creme

Eggs in three years. The campaign continues the ’how do you eat yours?’

theme but moves it on with Dawes ’seeing’ the future as egg-shaped. The

ad was loved equally by men and women who gave it 6.9.

Each month, Campaign lets the People’s Jury loose on 20 mainstream

commercials, chosen at random, but all new or recently back on air.

Jurors give each a mark out of ten from one (did not like at all) to ten

(loved). We then rank the ads by their mean score (top table). The panel

shows the five ads that persuaded the highest percentage of consumers

that they might buy or use the brand.

BT, a regular favourite of the Jury, came second in this month’s survey

with a film promoting its Friends and Family offer. Abbott Mead Vickers

BBDO gave the viewers a welcome respite, replacing the wearisome Bob

Hoskins with a gathering of 11 former stars of the BBC soap, EastEnders.

The ad features Sharon taking advantage of BT’s generosity to get in

touch with old chums. So far, so good for the soap stars. Will Hugh

Laurie, the new face of BT, fare as well in future surveys?

Sharing third position were AMV’s celebration of Yellow Pages’ 30th

anniversary and Bates Dorland’s quirky campaign to promote Halifax’s

share offer.

Three ads had to settle for fifth place - Dorlands’ ’fly-on-the wall’ ad

for Royal Mail stamps starring two Chinese chefs discussing the

ill-fated wives of King Henry VIII, Ammirati Puris Lintas’s film for

Rover Dealers in which a young executive attempts to cover up crashing

his boss’s car by buying a replacement, and Saatchi and Saatchi’s ad for

Tetley Bitter featuring the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Four relatively impressive ads surprised us by appearing at the bottom

of the table, scarily near Collett Dickenson Pearce’s camp spots for

Courts (starring Bruce Forsyth in a dodgy judge’s wig). DMB&B’s

light-hearted ad for Burger King starring the mime artist, Barnaby

Stone, shared 15th place with Delaney Fletcher Bozell’s wacky spots for

Ambrosia’s single-serve pots. WCRS’s First Direct campaign, starring Bob

Mortimer on a merry-go-round, made a break from traditional bank ads but

failed to please the punters. It scored joint 17th with the infinitely

more creaky ’it’s an equitable life, Henry’ campaign from BST-BDDP.

As for the propensity to buy panel, it’s hard to tell precisely how much

the top five ads will stimulate purchase: only one of the five top

choices - a chocolate egg - could be described as a luxury. Most likely

was Royal Mail, picked by a massive 70 per cent of respondents. Second

was McCann-Erickson’s Post Office corporate commercial with 68 per cent

of voters, third Yellow Pages with 66 per cent, fourth Cadbury’s Creme

Eggs scoring 61 and fifth BT Friends and Family scoring 57.

Audience Selection carried out the telephone interviews between 31

January and 2 February with 1,000 adults who represent a cross-section

of the population by age, class, sex and geography.

Rank   Ad Campaign                Agency                          Points

1      Cadbury’s Creme Eggs       GGT                                6.9

2      BT Family and Friends      Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO           6.7

3=     Yellow Pages               Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO           6.1

3=     Halifax                    Bates Dorland                      6.1

5=     Royal Mail                 Bates Dorland                      6.0

5=     Rover Dealers              Ammirati Puris Lintas              6.0

5=     Tetley Bitter              Saatchi and Saatchi                6.0

8=     Lunn Poly                  WCRS                               5.9

8=     Nissan Micra               TBWA                               5.9

10     Post Office                McCann-Erickson                    5.8

11     Thomas Cook                BST-BDDP                           5.7

12     Going Places               Collett Dickenson Pearce           5.6

13=    Woolwich                   Ogilvy and Mather                  5.5

13=    Fiat Bravo                 DMB&B                              5.5

15=    Burger King                DMB&B                              5.3

15=    Ambrosia                   Delaney Fletcher Bozell            5.3

17=    First Direct               WCRS                               5.0

17=    Equitable Life             BST-BDDP                           5.0

19     Pot Noodle                 Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury       4.9

20     Courts                     Collett Dickenson Pearce           4.7

Source: Audience Selection. Further information and copies of the full

results are available. Tel 0171-608 3618.