PEOPLE’S JURY/FAVOURITE ADS: Levi’s concedes to Carlsberg. But against all predictions, the target market loves the quirky ads. By Jade Garrett

Levi’s, for once, didn’t take the top spot, as Carlsberg Export proved to be this month’s favourite ad. The ad, which features a young couple in a marriage guidance counselling session, obviously impressed the People’s Jury, which awarded it a healthy 6.6 points.

Levi’s, for once, didn’t take the top spot, as Carlsberg Export

proved to be this month’s favourite ad. The ad, which features a young

couple in a marriage guidance counselling session, obviously impressed

the People’s Jury, which awarded it a healthy 6.6 points.

Every month, Campaign lists the 20 new ads that score the highest

ratings each month. These are put to our jury who are asked to give each

a mark our of ten, from one (did not like at all) to ten (loved).

Levi’s shared second place with Nescafe Gold Blend, both scoring highly

with 6.4. Despite reports in the press that the Levi’s campaign was

unimpressive, misconstrued and generally unpopular, our jurors -

particularly those in the target market - gave it a high score; 15- to

34-year-olds awarded it 7.2, the second-highest score in any category

from this jury.

Gold Blend may have dropped its famous soap-opera ads after 11 years,

but its romantic spot promoting its decaffeinated blend pleased our


The 20-second ad features a man and a woman meeting on their adjourning

balconies. It ends on an ambiguous note with the man promising to return

the jar of coffee the woman has thrown him.

Two other spots performed well. Delaney Fletcher Bozell’s first work for

Typhoo Fresh Brew since winning the account in February aimed the tea

brand at a younger audience. The ad, which features the Kool & the Gang

track, Fresh, scored 6.1 with the jurors overall, although it is still

proving to be more popular with the 55-plus age group who awarded it


BT’s ad from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO also scored highly with 6.0


It observes a family, gathered around the TV, all embarrassed by a

nature programme about mating habits. It is the latest in a campaign

which suggests a good way to ease embarrassment is to phone a


Bad news this month for the McDonald’s Doubles spot, featuring a man

searching for change down the back of a sofa ,which managed just


Disappointment too for the Vernons Easy Play Lottery Game, which scored

4.9. The campaign was launched in July to promote the football-based

game, which is a joint venture between Vernons and Camelot. Vernons

invested pounds 12 million in the campaign - including TV, radio, press

and outdoor - to gain mass exposure to consumers. It might have achieved

that but the ad was scored badly across the board.

Now, to our questions. After the debate about whether News at Ten should

move to an earlier spot resurfaced, we asked our jurors if this would

bother them. An overwhelming 75 per cent said it would not - this

opinion was noticeably higher among younger jurors.

Following complaints to the Independent Television Commission about the

Levi’s ’hamster’ spot, we asked jurors if they were upset by the ad. A

majority of 63 per cent said they were not.

So the People’s Jury has made its decision: dead hamsters are fine and

it doesn’t matter what time the evening news comes on.

Audience Selection carried out the interviews by telephone between 28 to

31 August with 1,000 adults from a representative cross-section of the



Q1: Would you mind if News at Ten were

    moved to an earlier slot?                   Yes     No    Don’t know

                                                 23%   75%            2%

Q2: Did the Levi’s ad depicting the ’death’

    of Kevin the Hamster upset you?             Yes     No    Don’t know

                                                 21%   63%           16%



RANK   AD CAMPAIGN                       AGENCY                   POINTS

1      Carlsberg Export                  Saatchi & Saatchi           6.6

2=     Levi Strauss & Co                 Bartle Bogle Hegarty        6.4

2=     Nescafe Gold Blend                McCann-Erickson             6.4

4      Typhoo Fresh Brew                 Delaney Fletcher Bozell     6.1

5      BT                                Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO    6.0

6      Renault Laguna                    Publicis                    5.9

7      Birds Eye Chargrills              McCann-Erickson             5.7

8=     Persil Washing-Up Liquid          J. Walter Thompson          5.6

8=     Gillette Anti-Perspirant          Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO    5.6

8=     Kellogg’s Special K               J. Walter Thompson          5.6

11=    Macleans Whitening Toothpaste     Grey                        5.5

11=    Pampers Disposable Nappies        Saatchi & Saatchi           5.5

13     Fruitibix                         Lowe Howard-Spink           5.3

14     McDonald’s Doubles                Leo Burnett                 5.1

15=    Clover                            Young & Rubicam             5.0

15=    Rimmel Mascara                    J. Walter Thompson          5.0

17=    Vernons Easy-Play Lottery Game    BMP DDB                     4.9

17=    Organics Hair Mousse              J. Walter Thompson          4.9

19=    MFI                               Publicis                    4.7

19=    McVitie’s Go Ahead                Leo Burnett                 4.7

Source: Audience Selection. Tel: 0171-608 3618.