PEOPLE’S JURY/FAVOURITE ADS: Soft drinks are top of the pops - Lucozade, Pepsi and Coke scored highly; gay kissing didn’t, Harriet Green says

What a contrary bunch the viewing public are. Only two weeks ago, Ogilvy & Mather’s ’full mountie’ ad for Lucozade Low Calorie attracted huge numbers of complaints to the Independent Television Commission for being crude and offensive to overweight women (Campaign, 31 July).

What a contrary bunch the viewing public are. Only two weeks ago,

Ogilvy & Mather’s ’full mountie’ ad for Lucozade Low Calorie attracted

huge numbers of complaints to the Independent Television Commission for

being crude and offensive to overweight women (Campaign, 31 July).

The ad features Sandra and Tracey, based on the Fat Slags from Viz,

watching a male strip show. However, Campaign’s People’s Jury was far

from offended.

The jurors loved the ad, giving it a hearty 6.7, with 15- to 34-year-

olds not surprisingly most enthused.

Every month, Campaign lists the 20 new ads with the highest


These are then put to our jury who are asked to give each a mark out of

ten: from one (did not like at all) to ten (loved).

Pepsi’s latest commercial from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, featuring a

teenage girl unwittingly meeting her pop idols, Boyzone, came in second

place, narrowly beating its arch-rival, Coca-Cola. And the Coke ad,

which shows ice cubes eagerly anticipating being splash-ed with the

fizzy drink, shared third slot with Safeway’s latest kid-in-a-trolley

film by Bates Dorland.

In the battle of the car giants, Publicis’s Renault Laguna spot -which

shows the geneticist, Steve Jones, waxing lyrical about the car’s

’evolution’ from race car to road car - pipped Ammirati Puris Lintas’s

Britpop commercial for the Rover 200. The latest spot in the Volkswagen

affordability campaign failed to wow our jury, coming in tenth place

with its latest creation featuring two men moving a piano down some

stairs. Similarly, the perky Seicento ad from DMB&B, featuring a little

girl running through a school corridor, came in 12th place with 5.5.

There was bad news for Thomson Directory which relaunched with a pounds

3 million TV campaign through the Barnett Williams Partnership. The ad

features a real cat, as opposed to the original cartoon version, which

has been digitally retouched to appear blue. It failed to impress the

punters, coming in 14th place.

And bad news too for the until now effortlessly cool Kate Moss. If you

want public acclaim, don’t appear in cheesy ads for L’Oreal Elvive

mouthing the line: ’Because I’m worth it.’ The ad came in 17th place,

scoring a dismal 5.0.

Now, on to our questions. Following the recent hoo-ha over the Babes in

the Wood cast refusing to associate themselves with Lil-lets, we thought

it worth gauging public reaction to sanpro ads as a genre. We asked

whether respondents were ever embarrassed watching these ads, to which

85 per cent of them answered ’no’.

We also decided to canvass opinion on the controversial commercial for

the Aids charity, Rubberstuffers, which features two men kissing and

caressing. Fifty five per cent of respondents said the ad should not be

shown, with just 39 per cent agreeing it should.

So the moral of this week’s People Jury is clear. Male strippers in a

Lucozade commercial, good. Gay men kissing, bad.

Audience Selection carried out the interviews by telephone between 31

July and 2 August with 1,000 adults from a representative cross-section

of the population.


Rank  Ad campaign                  Agency                      Points

1     Lucozade Low Calorie         Ogilvy & Mather                6.7

2     Pepsi                        Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO       6.6

3=    Coca-Cola                    US agency                      6.4

3=    Safeway                      Bates Dorland                  6.4

5     Renault Laguna               Publicis                       6.1

6     Rover                        APL                            6.0

7=    Mars Ice Cream               DMB&B                          5.9

7=    Kodak Ultra Gold             Ogilvy & Mather                5.9

7=    Tesco                        Lowe Howard-Spink              5.9

10    VW Affordability             BMP DDB                        5.8

11    Hellmann’s Pourables         Delaney Fletcher Bozell        5.7

12=   Fiat Seicento                DMB&B                          5.5

12=   Kellogg’s Just Right         J. Walter Thompson             5.5

14=   Persil Washing-up Liquid     J. Walter Thompson             5.4

14=   Special K                    J. Walter Thompson             5.4

14=   Thomson Directories          Barnett Williams Partnership   5.4

17=   Reach Toothbrush             McCann-Erickson                5.0

17=   L’Oreal Elvive (Kate Moss)   McCann-Erickson                5.0

19    Vodafone                     BMP DDB                        4.5

20    MFI                          Publicis                       4.3

Source: Audience Selection Tel: 0171-608 3618

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