Pepsi Max "How to be a social media influencer" by Joyride

Pepsi Max has taken to the streets of London to find the answer to the nation's most pressing question in this time of political uncertainty - which is the best cola on the market?

The ad follows self-professed "chief tasting officer", comedian Asim Chaudry’s eccentric character Chabuddy G, as he tries to become a social media influencer. However, the "Mayor of Hounslow" soon finds out the influencer life isn’t as easy as just selfies and hashtags. He awkwardly attempts to hype the brand’s no-sugar cola in a blind taste test against Pepsi's biggest selling competitor (which hasn’t been mentioned by name, but you can probably decipher it).

The work was created by Joyride, LadBible's in-house branded creative agency.