Pepsi Max releases Idris Elba-directed film

Pepsi Max has released the latest instalment in its 'Beats of the Beautiful Game' series, a short film directed by Idris Elba.


The film, written by Elba and the first from his new production company Green Door Productions, features a 70s playground and is set to ‘Unstoppable’ by the Dutch producer and DJ R3HAB featuring the singer Eva Simons.

The film shows a seemingly geeky young man played by the football skills expert Zach Hamilton who wows a conventionally pretty netball player before making off with a shyer girl.

Elba said: "When I first heard the song I really loved the idea of being unstoppable…it's self belief, it's someone that just says "Guess what? I can do anything I want to do".

"I like the whole '70s era, the haircuts and the style, and I chose a character that is stereotypically a nerd, isn’t sporty looking…but [it] turns out that he really is good at [football], and he is unstoppable when he starts to let himself go."

"Unstoppable" is the second creative work in a series of films putting together new and established musicians such as Rita Ora, Jetta and Timbaland with directors such as Spike Lee and Elba.

The campaign, 'Beats of the Beautiful Game', aims to celebrate the sights and sounds of football, ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, which Pepsi's rival Coca-Cola is an official sponsor of.