PepsiCo launches lemon cola<BR>with light-hearted ad campaign

NEW YORK - PepsiCo is launching Pepsi Twist, a lemon-flavoured variety of its Pepsi and Diet Pepsi brands, with a light-hearted advertising campaign aimed at lifting spirits in the US.

The campaign, by Omnicom-owned BBDO New York, features actress Halle Berry, actor Barry Bostwick who plays the mayor in sitcom Spin City, and long-time Pepsi ad character Hallie Kate Eisenberg.

The product launches in the US this month and is the company's first new product launch and ad work since the terrorist attacks on the US on September 11.

The new launch is believed to be part of a plan to help stem the fizzy drink sector's eroding market share. Cola products are said to be losing out to other drinks such as Snapple, as consumers get more adventurous.

The launch of the Pepsi Twist comes on the heels of Coca Cola's diet Coke with Lemon, which it is advertising through a print and billboard campaign.

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