Peta launches new anti-meat ad as ASA bans previous campaign

LONDON - After the ASA today banned a Peta ad about factory farmed meat being riddled with disease, the animal rights group has released another poster with the same message.

PETA... new ad
PETA... new ad

The new ad, which uses a similar theme to its banned predecessor, shows a conveyor belt of diseases including swine flu, mad cow disease, MRSA and E.Coli travelling from a factory farm to a consumer's mouth with the line: "Your demand for meat creates disease. Stop factory farming. Go veg now."

The banned ad was a billboard erected in Glasgow in June with the line "Meat kills. Go vegetarian", followed by the names of several deadly diseases, including swine flu, that are linked to intensive farming systems.

After one complaint, the ASA ruled that people could be confused by the ad into thinking that swine flu could be caused by the act of eating meat rather than the demand for meat.