PG Tips monkey in Morecambe and Wise ad tribute

LONDON - Monkey and Al, the stars of the PG Tips ads, paid tribute to the famous Morecambe and Wise breakfast sketch tonight in a new TV ad created by Mother.

The ad features the two characters preparing a cup of tea in time to a bawdy instrumental called The Stripper.

Morecambe and Wise are famous for the original sketch, which shows the comedy duo preparing breakfast to the same song.

The ad, starring Johnny Vegas as Al, broke this evening (Christmas Day) on ITV1.

It opens with the text Monkey and Al present…‘It’s the Taste’ before following the characters around the house as they prepare a brew in time to the striptease music. Scenes include Monkey milking a cow in the garden and Al filling the kettle up with water.

The TV ad was preceded in December by a 90 second online ad, created by AKQA, which featured Monkey dressed up as the Queen, attempting to deliver a Christmas speech as he got increasingly drunk on champagne.