Philips launches direct marketing contest

Philips, the electronics giant, has kicked off a review of its CRM account across its Consumer Lifestyle division.

Philips: the incumbent, WDMP, created work starring Brook
Philips: the incumbent, WDMP, created work starring Brook

The review is being run through the intermediary Oystercatchers. Philips Consumer Lifestyle’s senior CRM manager, Sandra Doyle, will lead the pitch. Philips expects an agency to be appointed by the end of March.

The review comes as Philips looks to grow its business in the UK across personal care, domestic appliances and health and wellness products. The winning agency will be asked to work on integrated CRM strategy across all three parts of the business.

WDMP, the incumbent, has worked with Philips for more than four years. It has decided not to repitch. Campaigns by the agency for Philips in recent years include activity in June last year that starred the actress Kelly Brook. The viral campaign, for Philips’ male-grooming products, featured Brook dressed in a PVC outfit shaving a man’s body hair.

WDMP won a silver gong at last year’s DMA Awards for a Philips campaign that invited new mums to become part of the "Philips Avent family". Doyle commented: "As we are looking to step up CRM activation in the UK, we felt that now is the right time to review our CRM agency requirements."