Phones 4u top 5 ads

Following the news of Phones 4U's abrupt entry into administration, Campaign presents a list of some of the retailer's best ads.

Phones 4u top 5 ads

Both WCRS and Adam & Eve/DDB were charged with creating Phones 4U's advertising over the past decade. Both created spots that were off-beat, energetic and, in some cases - we're thinking of the one where an auntie and nephew share a passionate kiss - disturbing. Here's a run down of five of the brand's most memorable ads.

1) "Cool" (2006) by WCRS

2) "Whittling Dan" (2007) by WCRS

3) "Cardboard Warriors" (2009) by Adam & Eve

4) "Wrestlers" (2010) by Adam & Eve

5) "Project Upgrade" (2013) by Adam & Eve/DDB