Pick of the Week: All aboard the Good Ship Ikea

This playful activation delivers both a serious message and tangible results as it sails along.

Pick of the Week: All aboard the Good Ship Ikea

Sure there’s nothing new about floating something down the Thames and its tributaries – eBay floated a giant birthday cake down the river in a modest acknowledgement of its 20th birthday, Land Rover chose an oversized rugby ball, and everything from a two-bedroomed house to a mock Adriatic island has followed.

But the sight of a super-sized bath toy modelled to look like Ikea’s Smakryp toy, bobbing along Deptford Creek, marks more than just a stunt. Rather than showboating about the eco creds of the brand’s new sustainable store in Greenwich, Mother’s brand activation for Ikea floats along, clearing up to 20kg of rubbish on its merry way and demonstrating true sustainability in action. 

Beyond the experience, which will encourage families to interact and captain the boats in a fun yet educational activity, the rubbish collected will be recycled into a sculpture that will have pride of place in the new store and the boats will be reused by charity Hubbub. So good luck to the Good Ship Ikea and all that sail her  this bold and buoyant campaign and its sustainable ethos is something that we should all take on board.

Brand Ikea
Title The Good Ship Ikea
Agency Mother