Pick of the Week: Amazon Alexa and Droga5 bring the LOLs

Ad captures a funny truth about our viewing habits.

Amazon Alexa and Droga5 London have nailed modern-day streaming habits – we really have become so spoiled by the ability to pause and rewind our shows.

Still, this film shows exactly what I'm guilty of doing: missing the most dramatic part of what I'm watching, because I'm doing something mundane, and then rewinding it again and again.

But in true Droga5 London style, the creative takes it that bit further and adds a great comedic element that made me laugh out loud, which is exactly what we need in these dire times. So, thank you for bringing the LOLs.

Brand Amazon Alexa
Title "Ironing"
Agency Droga5 London
Creatives Jonathan Thake and Ethan Bennett 
Director Andreas Nilsson
Production company Biscuit Filmworks