Pick of the Week: Amazon's Super Bowl ad provides romantic escapism

Michael B Jordan is a great casting choice.

Maybe it’s a symptom of the third lockdown, but I related to the woman in Amazon’s Super Bowl ad who develops a strangely personal relationship with an object in her home. In this case, an Amazon employee imagines her Alexa device coming to life in the body of actor Michael B Jordan (an excellent casting choice). 

The situation increases in absurdity from there, as the woman’s fantasy deepens and she develops a romantic relationship with Michael/Alexa. As things escalate to bubble-bath territory, the character’s escapism is recognisable while providing some much-needed comic relief. I’ll be surprised if this isn’t one of the most popular Super Bowl ads this year.

Agency Lucky Generals
Title “Alexa’s body”
Director Wayne McClammy
Production company Hungry Man