Pick of the Week: Amstel's weird Jeff Bridges spot calls for a toast

Amstel's ad starring Jeff Bridges as a human bridge is hard to forget.

Amstel’s ad starring Jeff Bridges as a human bridge is just the right amount of weird. A gigantic version of the actor literally becomes a bridge connecting both sides of an Amsterdam canal, to represent how the Dutch brewer can bring people together over a beer. "Togetherness" is a marketing message that many other brands have tried and failed to illustrate with uninspired or cheesy campaigns – but a larger-than-life Bridges calls for a toast. It’s silly, it’s fun and it’s memorable – a rare feat when so much of advertising is wallpaper.

Title Bridges on bridges 
Client Nic Casby, brand director, Heineken 
Agency Adam & Eve/DDB 
Creatives Matt Fitch, Mark Lewis 
Director Tim Godsall 
Production company Anonymous Content x Somesuch