Pick of the Week: Army's insight into influencer culture hits the nail on the head

Latest film follows last year's 'Snowflakes' work.

The British Army wants to recruit more young people, so what better way to attract them than by getting into their minds?

In a world that offers short-term bursts of confidence from social media "likes" and material goods, Karmarama has come up with a great idea to offer an alternative that could provide more long-lasting confidence. At the same time, the work highlights the negative impact of influencer culture. 

The strategic mind behind this work should be applauded. It is a clever campaign that has been well-thought-out and an improvement on last year's "Snowflakes" recruitment drive, which took a more cynical view of young people. 

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Nick Terry, chief marketing officer, recruiting partnering project, Capita and British Army
 Army confidence lasts a lifetime