Pick of the week: Asos' joyful film is a quiet revolution in beauty advertising

Vibrant, playful, fun and individual: Asos' film stands out amid a sea of beauty advertising intent on hectoring consumers that they must conceal their imperfections at all costs.

This ad deftly conveys a quiet revolution in thinking. 

Asos’ "Endless ways to be you" message is pitch perfect. It’s the notion that make-up can be fun and about being yourself, rather than about slavishly following ever-increasing tutorials. That rather than being a job to be done, it is a fundamentally joyful pursuit.

Beautifully shot, expertly styled and memorable in a sea of blandness, this ad successfully punctured my Instagram feed to deliver a positive but not overly laboured message. And the story gets better once you read the credits, for this fresh thinking is the work of a fresh directing talent: Somesuch’s Raine Allen-Miller. Bravo.

Brand: Asos
Title: Go play
Production company: Somesuch
Director: Raine Allen-Miller
Creatives: DELS / Kieren Gallear, Ollie Tiong and Gavin Jewkes