Pick of the week: B&Q's spring campaign nurtures hope

Home improvement superstore has released a positive and life-affirming new campaign.

The sun has shone, you might have managed to meet a few friends in the park for a beer after work and the UK's vaccine rollout is continuing successfully. B&Q has decided to gather up some of this optimism and pour it into a new ad promoting its plants range.

The scenes are nicely scripted and the ad is well cast, while the animation adds variety and a welcome burst of colour. We might not be able to go on holiday and there are still huge societal problems to fix – whatever independent reports say – but we can fill some pots and brighten up our gardens, window boxes and front rooms.

It's great to see Uncommon Creative Studio delivering a proper grown-up idea for a major brand. This spot follows on from its "Build a life" campaign from last year and both ads manage to deliver the commonplace montage of vignettes in a distinctive way. 

Brand B&Q

Title "We will grow again"

Agency Uncommon Creative Studio

Director and production company The Sacred Egg through Riff Raff