Pick of the Week: Barclaycard and Stephen Graham show the sillier side of lockdown

Actor shows just how absurd some aspects of lockdown have been.

Advertising has generally got sombre and sentimental during the pandemic, but we’ve reached the stage where we need more silly. There have been other good efforts to bring the laughs, but my favourite so far is Barclaycard, which enlisted Stephen Graham to coach people through their financial troubles.

The casting of an actor who typically appears in more serious and dramatic roles, but here shows off his comedic talent, was an inspired choice. He completely fumbles a homemade film but gets top marks for his enthusiasm as he wrestles with green screens, a lack of proper equipment and questionable costume choices. 

This is also that rare lockdown ad which uncovers the humour and absurdity in some aspects of this situation. I couldn't help but relate to Graham's thwarted sense of ambition and gusto at the end of his failed lockdown project. With no end in sight to the real-life drama, we could use more of such lighthearted playfulness from brands to entertain and distract us. 

Brand Barclaycard
Title A homemade film
Agency Droga5 London
Director Tom Kuntz
Production company MJZ