Pick of the Week: Bodyform's '#Wombstories' is an intimate look at women's experiences

The ad explores stories that are often shrouded in taboo and shame.

In recent years, Bodyform has distinguished itself with taboo-breaking advertising made with beautiful craft and storytelling. Its multi-award-winning "Viva la vulva" in 2019 – a musical ode to vulvas in all shapes and sizes – was a tough act to follow. But its latest effort, "#Wombstories", does justice to the brand's creative heritage. 

Bodyform has progressed from an authentic depiction of period blood (2017’s "Blood normal") to an upbeat celebration of women’s bodies and now to a thoughtful exploration of the complicated – and sometimes painful – reality of living with periods, vulvas and wombs.

"#Wombstories" uncovers experiences that are rarely portrayed on screen and often shrouded in shame, from endometriosis and miscarriage to the decision not to have children. It tells these stories with emotional performances, hand-crafted animation and intimate moments shown through the female gaze. 

This campaign takes Bodyform’s work even deeper. Hopefully, advertising like this will be one small step towards greater understanding and openness about women’s experiences.

Brand Bodyform
Tanja Grubner, global marketing and communications director, femcare, Essity
Agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creatives Nadja Lossgott, Nicholas Hulley
Director Nisha Ganatra
Production companies Chelsea Pictures, Framestore