Pick of the Week: Britain's Beer Alliance fights against the decline of local pubs

A documentary cut short sends an important message.

Gulp. Well, I didn’t see that coming.

A heart-warming docu-romp about the characters to be found in any decent local boozer – and therefore the importance that the pub has in its local community – is abruptly cut short with the shocking news that the pub has shut.

In an age of increasing social isolation, the need for every community to have a pub like The Horns Lodge as a focal point has never been more pressing. Reducing the tax on beer means that future generations may be able to enjoy pubs. I’m sure that this film will be effective in helping achieve these goals.

Clients David Cunningham and Tom Price-Stephens, Britain’s Beer Alliance
Agency Havas London
Creatives Simon Connor and Stephen Cross
Director Chris Smith
Production company Smuggler