Pick of the week: BT Sport's Charlotte is the hero we need right now

The follow-up to last year's "Being Dele" is proof of how far you can go with an engaging protagonist and a 90s banger.

Dele Alli was a good choice for BT Sport’s ad to mark the start of the last football season, coming as he does from the once rare but increasingly expected strata of England star marked out by not being an entitled bellend. 

But with respect to Dele, he has nothing on Charlotte, the primary school-aged hero of this sequel, whose joie de vivre and sheer self-belief bring something quite lovely to the table in these dark, Brexitty times. 

It gets lots of plus points for the use of Elastica’s magnificent Connection, a tune probably catchier than anything released in the 23 years since its 1995 debut, which makes repeat viewings a treat, frankly.

Brand: BT Sport
Title: Heroes
Client: Dan Ramsay, consumer marketing director 
Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Created byRob Messeter and Mike Crowe