Pick of the Week: Dacia's DIY charmer might be the best that lockdown has to offer

Publicis.Poke has married the limitations of the moment with conspicuous creativity to great effect.

They say no-one wants to see how the sausage is made, but I was rather taken by the earholes, eyeholes and arseholes that Publicis.Poke cobbled together under lockdown conditions to simulate footage of a Dacia Duster driving at night.

This ad works because it packs a lot into 30 seconds and actually has something to say about how the pandemic has impacted our lives – beyond the now familiar messages of the importance of looking out for each other and staying connected. But the creative idea is also an inspired fit for a cheaper brand that is all about promising more for less.

The timing may be a coincidence, but Dacia’s spot is a little reminiscent of one the most enjoyable "ads" released recently: the winning remake of Honda’s "Cog", created by a pair of Londoners for ITV’s "The people's ad break" competition. The fact that it significantly outperformed Wieden & Kennedy’s original on emotional impact, according to testing by Unruly, indicates that there are less obvious, untapped ways for brands to create emotional resonance by taking inspiration from aspects of life in the coronavirus era.

Brand Dacia
Title Dacia ingenious productions
Agency Publicis.Poke
Creatives Colin Byrne, Rob Butcher
Directors Vania Heymann, Gal Muggia
Production company Iconoclast Films