Pick of the Week: Freeview's British TV homage is a joyful escape

This well-paced, smile-inducing film references no fewer than 27 shows.

Freeview's ad campaign brings together some of British telly's greatest hits.

Everybody's on a barge, floating down the endless stream of great TV, to quote Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner – and doesn’t Freeview know it.

This joyous campaign brings together some of British telly’s greatest hits, from Peaky Blinders to Gogglebox, to remind us of the multitude of magnificent shows competing for our attention. From the opening chords of David Brent’s Free Love Freeway, the ad propels us through no less than 27 shows.

It’s not a new concept – see Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s "Entertainment in harmony" spot for Virgin Media earlier this year – but it’s expertly done and feels well-paced rather than a frantic, freeze-frame observation exercise.

As viewers up and down the land cry out "She’s dead!" at the inappropriate moment, in homage to Gareth from The Office, few ads this year is likely to provoke so many smiles.

Brand Freeview
Client Owen Jenkinson, marketing director
Agency Anomaly