Pick of the Week: Hey Girls ‘pisses people off’ to fight period poverty

The ad was designed to invoke 'maximum anger' and it works.

Hey Girls’ film tackling period poverty was made to invoke “maximum anger”. Adam & Eve/DDB and director Margot Bowman consulted psychologist Dr Philip Gable to ensure that every component of the ad, from the sound design to the colour scheme, would make the audience angry. 

The result is a very uncomfortable watch, which is what the creative team intended. By the end, the desired effect is achieved and you want to do something about period poverty – a simple ask from Hey Girls, which donates a period product to a girl in need for every product sold. As A&E/DDB’s former head of strategy and planning Milla McPhee said, advertisers tend “to use positive emotions to generate behaviour change... but actually, it can be far more motivating to piss people off”. In this case, she’s right. 

Awareness of period poverty has grown in recent years but it still affects one in 10 girls in the UK, and that number worsened during Covid. I hope this campaign pisses some people off and breaks the taboo surrounding this important issue. 

Client Celia Hodson, founder
Agency Adam & Eve/DDB
Creatives Miles Carter and Helen Balls
Director Margot Bowman
Production company Prettybird