Pick of the Week: Kahlua's playful exhibit takes social media less seriously

The brand created an art installation of Instagram photos that got zero 'likes'.

Kahlúa: no need to hit 'like'
Kahlúa: no need to hit 'like'

It was great timing that just as Instagram announced it was testing the removal of "likes", Kahlúa opened an exhibition of people’s least-liked photos from the platform.

The Pernod Ricard brand tapped into the growing backlash against social media and the pressure to live an Insta-perfect life, but it did so in a playful, fresh way. The free installation brought more than 1,000 people together over three days on New York’s Lower East Side to celebrate the weird, unloved and uninfluential: less latte art and mirror selfies, more creepy dolls and back of people’s heads.   

There was also an online version of the exhibition on Instagram Stories and a new #BottomNine tool that allows users to collect and share their nine least-liked images. This is fun, original work that made me smile IRL, even if I couldn’t double-tap it.

Brand Kahlúa
Title Zero likes given
Agency Droga5 London
Creatives Frazer Price and Teddy Souter