Pick of the Week: KFC's cheeky comeback meets hungry fans' cravings

Our lockdown culinary ambitions haven't always gone to plan, as KFC captures in this spot.

Lockdown has forced many people to attempt new culinary feats in their kitchens, as seen in the countless sourdough loaves appearing on our Instagram feeds. After restaurants closed across the country, some fried-chicken fans were inspired to recreate KFC’s signature dish themselves – with the most diehard enthusiasts even making their own branded packaging. (No judgment; we’ve all experienced that level of boredom.)

But often our grand culinary ambitions don’t go to plan, as KFC captures amusingly in an ad heralding the gradual reopening of its stores. Mother used real images of people’s fried-chicken fails, paired with a brilliant soundtrack of Celine Dion’s All by Myself. At the end, the brand assures viewers that "we’ll take it from here", which is good timing, since many of us are craving food that we haven’t had to prepare ourselves.

Using its signature humour, KFC stands out in the wave of sombre and sentimental Covid-era advertising. And as lockdown weariness sets in, we could all use a laugh. 

Brand KFC
Title We’ll take it from here
Client Jack Hinchliffe, marketing director
Agency Mother