Pick of the Week: Mars Temptations gives us a Halloween to remember

A horror film for cats? Yes, you read that right.

Oh, remember Halloween BC (before Covid), when kids ran around residential streets, their grubby hands diving into bowls of sweets from strangers, and grown-ups huddled in bars and living rooms, wearing things that aren’t loungewear, sharing drinks, nibbles and – not me, though, no siree! – bodily fluids?

Well, you can forget about it. The only Halloweeny thing you can do this year is snuggle up (to those within your household, obviously) and watch a classic horror film, because life isn’t scary enough.

And for the feline household members previously left out of the fun, the people at Mars Temptations have them covered – behold, a horror film for cats! Adam & Eve/DDB worked with specialists to include sound frequencies that aim to capture cats’ attention.

Whether our furry friends actually enjoy it or not, this is just a gorgeously made film, with all the recognisable horror tropes thrown in. The remote house, the strings-heavy soundtrack, the dark corridor – you’ve seen it, they’ve added it. And it really does have the horror ending to end all horror endings – that final shot is going to haunt my dreams. 

Adam & Eve/DDB and Mars Petcare have a long history of making fun and sometimes frankly bonkers work, and this film sits proudly in that canon. Now let me Google some of those “cat vs cucumber” videos…

Brand Mars Temptations
Title Scaredy cat
Agency Adam & Eve/DDB
Creatives Lily Scarlett Hurst, William Blackburn
Director Paulo Garcia
Production companies Zombie, Blinkink