Pick of the Week: McDonald’s tells heartwarming tale of teen embracing his inner child

The animated spot is a moving take on the complicated emotions of teenagers.

McDonald’s heartwarming, animated Christmas spot tells the story of a mother trying to encourage her teenager to put down his tech devices and enjoy their seasonal traditions.

Throughout, you can see his inner child desperate to have fun with her before his teenage brain stops him from joining in. Spoiler alert: she eventually gets through to him.

This is a moving and beautifully crafted ad paired with a great soundtrack. It’s interesting to see the focus on an older child in a Christmas ad, and it’s a nice message for all of us to keep our inner child alive.

Brand McDonald’s
Title Inner child
Client Michelle Graham-Clare, vice-president of marketing
Agency Leo Burnett London
Creatives Steph Ellis, Rory Hall
Director Againstallodds
Production company Passion Pictures